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The L'ancien Alphabacy - A.2: Magical Surprises

Heller! And welcome back to The L'ancien Aplhabacy!
Again, apologies about the text and all that, it does change during this update. Let's continue shall we?
Last time, we met Adair L'ancien, runaway vampire heir who chose to give up family tradition and remain mortal. He moved into a rather bare little house, and met a beautiful 'lil lady by the name of Amira. They went on a date where Amira proved to be a talker despite her shyness.
Aaaaannd, here we pick back up.

AAh, fixed at last. So sorry once more.
On my next day of gameplay, I added in a little background pizazz and just felt like showing off lol.

Aha, and here we find our journalist still wearing his ambulance outfit, cleaning his counter lol.

A short while later, Adair invited Amira over for a home date.

Aaannd instantly starts flirting lol.

In no time he gets a little dance kissing done.
Just what is making you reel her in so fast?

Well looky here, the devil asked her to move in!
I suppose that explains it lol.
Being so shy, I am surprised she agreed. I guess when it comes to this midnight breeze she just falls right over.

Going in for a little make out action.
I must admit, I might be jealous lol.

Adair: "Oh Amira, I'm so happy you moved in. Maybe together we can afford a better trash can."
Amira: "I hope so!"
Golly me too guys....me too.

And with a little more flirtation, the romantic ambulance driver journalist he is,

Amira is wrapped around his finger.

With her batting her pretty eyes at him, Adair just can't help himself.


The two of them being as romantic as they are for shy, serious knowledge sims,
I'm still surprised they wanted it that badly!

Awh, who am I kidding? It's so nice to have someone to snuggle up against.

Amira did in fact bring that base 2o,ooo to the household with her,
so needless to say the little Legacy cottage got some much needed updates done.

And the second floor, with Amiras nudity lol sorry.

She heads downstairs to help herself to some mac and cheese.

Surprisingly enough, she doesn't burn it!
Adair shortly follows her downstairs, and then proceeds to convince her to go to a park with him.
Being the middle of the night it seems a little odd, but she happily obliges.

No sooner do they get there, he takes her to a bridge over the pond,
and proposes! (Amira says yes!!!) >w<


Adair: 'I just don't know if this is a good idea for a sim like me...'
Me: *trynottocry,cryalot*

Once they get home, Amira happily jumps onto the computer after finding no Chef job in the paper.

Still no chef job 3:
Since most of (all) her money went to making the house more, housey,
she decides to get an adventuring job for the time being. LOL
(The first time I attempted this, before having to remake Adair and Amira, her LTW was to be a space pirate)

Amira: "Honey, you seem so down lately. Were you not ready to propose to me?
I understand if you want to wait, it's only been a few months since we started dating seriously."

Adair: "No Amira, I'm just not that confident in who I am yet, but I know I love you."

*A few moments latare...*

A couple hours after that,
Amira: "Don't...look, at meeeee...*pant*..*wheeze*...
uuuufff, you better buckle up and get ready Adair...."

The uh, couple...uh..whut..
The couple headed outside, to their little bush beside their house and uh...good lord..
And yeah...Adair, you sure you gave up all family traditions???

And the two decided it was time to get married.

They were still pretty broke, and didn't really know any one else yet of course,
so a private wedding was better for the shy/serious pair.

*yelled loudly, mockingly, sarcastically*

Aaawh, what am I saying, everyone gets cold feet sometimes.
I mean, it's not like he rolled the want to marry her or anything.
At least when she rolled it, she meant it 110% lol.

Amira: "Ah, finally clean at last..."

Amira: 'Dammit...'

Poor thing had been throwing up so much, I figured it would be nice to brush her teeth a little.

Her comfort and energy were way down, she'd spend all day making meals one after another,
only to throw them up, clean the toilet, rinse and repeat.
It was time for bed.

Adair was home from his first day of his journalism job, yaayy!!

A short while later, Amira awoke to the delicious smell of her fiances spaghetti making skills.

Amira: "So honey, would you like to see a magic trick?"

Adair: "Well, sure I could see some magic."

Adair: "I mean, magic is pretty neat. I didn't even know you did any."

Adair: "As long as you don't turn out pregnant from the trick hahahahaaa."

Amira: "Weeeeell, turning out to be pregnant would be a pretty cool trick huh?"

Amira: "So I guess I'm pregnant now then."

Amira: "I was thinking about getting some toys."
Adair is confused...

Adair: "Well if you turned out to be pregnant just by saying you were,
we would have to get some toys I suppose."

Adair: "Maybe we could even get a ball, to go to the beach with."

Adair: ".....Y-....You're pregnant aren't you..?"

Amira (a-la-Lana): "Yuuuuuuuuup."

Adair: "Good golly I guess we better get some toys then!"

Lmao. They talked about toys until well after Amira finished eating.
When I finally made her get up, Adair just continued to eat with a big smile on his face.

Amira decided to look once more for her Culinary job, with no luck what-so-ever.

Amira: "WELL, if I can't go work in a kitchen, I'll just watch TV about it.."

A short while later she decided to study physiology, better to get a head start on it now.

Amira: "Uhm, hello?? I feel something happening!"

Amira: "*gigglegiggle* Oh that tickled!"

And generation B is on its way!
I'm kind of hoping it'll be a boy, a girl is a little harder to do orange with :3

And as she waddles off to go snarf down some more spaghetti, I lol at the fact that gen B will be orange,
and that's what she decides to wear for maternity pjs lol.

I also realize I have not given her an intro picture yet, that will be in the next update! :D

Good night everybody! The next update will be out soon hopefully,
as long as I can tear myself away from this
(http://alittlestrange.livejournal.com/64498.html) story long enough to play!! <3
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