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The L'ancien Rainbow Alphabacy Challenge (& Profile Guide)

I swear I did not make that title long just so it would seem interesting XD

Welcome to my live journal! I apologize for any reason in advance, I am so new to this it hurts lol.
I came here because I found this wonderful lady --> http://alittlestrange.livejournal.com/
and her AMAZING Legacy story ----> http://alittlestrange.livejournal.com/64498.html <-----Go here, read dis lol

I am under taking a Legacy challenge of my own, as the ridiculous title may have hinted ;D
I will be doing a Rainbow/Alphabacy. Meaning instead of the normal 10 generations in the legacy family, I'll be doing 26.


What am I thinking?! :O
Lol. I have never played a family past gen 3! If I have, I certainly don't remember it XD

I'm also okay if I never get popular, or if this never gets read or leiked or nuffins v.v
I'm not an attention hog, really! I've just had a deviantArt account for a bazillion years, and the kind of stuff I do just isn't popular.
But leiks I said, is okay, because I started this more because I want, I like to do stories with my sim families. But there is no way to do it and keep it saved and be able to come back later.

Thus the real reason Adair L'ancien got a fresh start. He was part of a very large family, with WAAAY too many hours of gameplay sunk into them and their story. Needless to say, I learned the hard way that packaging a lot DOES NOT save your very, very hardly worked on story TT^TT

So, here I am, to make a new story, and have a place it will always be >w<

My Aplhabacy Rules For Mahself:

Failed First Try:



Also, dat deviantart account in case youse curious >.>           <.<            ^w^
(please be warned, there is mucho-aldulto-contento on my profile...o) =^//w//^=

Thank you so much for reading! :3
Any questions, comments, or advice, I'll be happy to see to! =^w^=
Tags: adair l'ancien, alphabet legacy challenge, aplhabacy, legacy, legacy challenge, rainbow legacy challenge, sims 2
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