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The L'ancien Alphabacy - B.4: Remodeling

Heller! And welcome back to the L'ancien Alphabacy. <3
Fair warning, this is a big word wall, and you may choose to skip it. <3

So, I have some explaining to do. I sorry about the randomness of these uploads, I know I've missed things, like Bellamys intro pic, and I don't explain very well about what I'm doing. So, this update has Bellamys intro pic, as well as profile, front view, and 3/4 shots of everyone. I have been doing a lot of recoloring and replacing of things in their house, which is probably why they're broke XD I wanted it to be more obvious it was a rainbow alphabet legacy challenge. This update, I believe, (good god yes, it does) has good shots of their whole house again, and showing the progress of rooms as they're redone. I will be trying to have more actual dialogue from the characters, and not just commentary from me. Once again, this is the first one, official or otherwise I have played, so I sorry that I'm all over the place. My life as a whole has been a bit of a trainwreck lately. I lost my 19 day old son in October, and proceeded to move from Virginia to Florida with my husband. As you can imagine there is a lot of disaster that has come with all of it, so my attitude and brain and just everything has been very much all over the place. I have to say though, I'm very happy to have Adair again to help me get through it. He is my Apollo (sammyfrog) x3 I also realize I don't follow much of the Legacy challenge rules. For instance, I am very picky about breeding, and so I will probably be making all of the people who marry into my Legacy family, if not downloading some characters. I also want to have only one child per generation, something I have always tried to play and something I have never been able to do lol. I also am not currently sure how I'll be handling the random aspect. I don't know if I'll be doing a random roll for their aspirations and turn ons and turn offs. I suppose I will though, and roll as well for their secondary aspirations, so that way it is more interesting. Although previously, I was thinking I would not let them have repeated LTWs, I may just let that stay where it lands. If I'm gonna do this many gens, I may as well have some randomness to it.


So, fair warning, this update has 105 pics, counted correctly unlike last update XD
Also a little nudity, and lots of buying redo spam.
And I sorry I really, really, do not feel like doing a last time thing.
I believe it was mostly skilling, and the maid stole our toy box XD

And here we begin with a lovely head on shot of our secondary founder, Amira.
She has had her hairstyle changed, and her make-up was toned down a bit as well.
You don't have all those facial peircings with a grabby toddler lol.
(sorry if you do :3)

And a quick profile shot. Her nose points up a bit more, and I like them to not have a turkey neck XD

The downstairs bathroom has been redone a bit as well, all of these things
I'm sure you've noticed or I mentioned but I'm just doing an overview.

Here is the kitchen and dining room, although it gets redone shortly.

The rest of the dining room. As it were.
I should really buy the fourth chair, that is killing me lol.

The living room in its current state, I don't think much changes about it for now.

The little art nook by the stairs, which by the way, I love the spiral stairs for space.
And, behold my paint skills to not spoil the painting Amira is working on :D

The upstairs study nook.
This also gets redone shortly. I promise there is actually gameplay here. XD

The bedroom as it is for the moment, it too is getting redone during this update.

And Bellamys room. He has a birthday this update, so it as well will get a make over.

If it wasn't for all the friggin redo pics, this might actually be an update -_-'

The bathroom gets recolored soon.

The downstairs floor plan.

The upstairs floor plan.

Finally, on we go :3

Amira: "Ugh, why does everything stick to this spatula?"

Amira: 'Eh, still pretty good though.'

Cue a guy catching my attention from the window behind Amira. Walk-bys lol.

Well, let's try to get some more learning done. It's still fall, so he's been learning super fast, but today is the last day. I think lol.

And Adair brings home another promotion! :D I think he is at level 7.

Ah yes, can't forget the head on shot. Like you haven't seen this gorgeous mug yet :D

And a profile shot.
Yis he has elfy ears. Shup.

Even though his energy was bottomed out, he doesn't ever re- actually,
I don't think I have seen him complain once during this Alphabacy. Wow. Impressive.

Same with Bell, he's very content to spend all his time skilling.
They should spend more time together as a family.
I shall work on that as well :3

Ah yes, since Addy brought home about 2 grand with his promotion,
time for the spam of updates.
The kitchen counter got redone.

The bathroom counter got redone as well.

The chairs got recolored finally.

And I added some color to the tub :D
Oop, changed the sink color too, but I missed it in the picture, pretty much XD

The bedroom doors got replaced with colors more suiting as well.
When you think about it, it's like, the nursery for the next gen is a different
color from the rest of the house, and it slowly takes over the whole house >:D

I do belive the purpose of this picture was to show you the April ceiling lamp I put in Bells room.

Sweet jebus. I am gonna have to do that house one day o.o

As I was taking the previous pic, this guy showed up and just started bugging out lol.
His head was going back and forth super fast, then he just walked off.
I've seen it before in previous games, but it's never been a problem soooo.

More skilling to even out his learned skills so far.
Normally toddlers could only earn 3 skills,
charisma via bunny head, logic via block toy, and creativity via xylophone.
With the addition of the activity table, from whichever expansion pack it was,
toddlers can now also earn mechanical. So I've started getting it and not the xylophone.
Works just as great for skilling. And really, what else is a toddler gonna do?

(Also, so, I only ever had either the base game, or double deluxe which is nightlife and celebration stuff pack. This Legacy challenge begins with me having ALL of the expansions and stuff packs, something I've never had before, which is why I'm still content to mostly play with what comes with all of it. I actually really like the first faces of choice in CAS, but I did tweak Amira and Adair to make them different for once.)

Speaking of which, here is the picture Amira was working on :D
Ugh, it's so dark TT^TT
Well, at any rate, I took a picture of her, and then had her do a custom painting
so I would have the picture if I ever needed to replace it. So I can just keep trying if I don't like it.

Amira: 'Learning fire safety is definitely important, I have to be able to protect Bellamy.'

Well, I have a mod for fireproof toddlers, but, I suppose he won't be a toddler forever.

Even though that was a wonderful family moment, mom watching baby while she reads,
Bell just had to pee right that moment.

Well, he'll be aging up tomorrow,
so he might as well use his last bottle.
It's still the last day of fall too.

What a life he's gonna lead. XD

Amira: 'I do really want him to go to college, so he can be smart and read like us!'

Uh-oh, he's too cranky, and too tired to keep skilling.

Well, at least he got some use out of it.

Well, I was expecting him to wake up, but the 'sleep until 6' thing beat his energy bar to it.
He just looks so snug in there. Must be because I myself am trying not to fall asleep.

Amira has some more dinner before bed.
I could not eat the same thing like that all day. When I gorge on something,
I'm sick of it for awhile. Like, I just ate Wendys, and I hope I never have to again XDXD

How nice of you to pick up his room even though you're about to pass out.
Wait, where is he?

Oh, stalking daddy. Awwwhh.

Which prompted me to change the carpet.

Too bad there is no moar smarts milks.
(Yis I say smarts on purpose) :3

She isn't even asleep yet. adublehtehefe
(a-du-bleh-tey-ef-ay) (wtf sounded out) (I say it a lot in real life XD)

It's okay, I snuggle my husband while he's asleep and I'm not XD

Finally, someone is using the downstairs shower I replaced forevers ago.
I loves teh April set, I have it for the bathroom, nursery, and bedroom.

Adair: 'I really, really want Bell to go to college.'

Yes hunni, I know.

Adair: "Necklaces? I wouldn't be caught dead in one!!"

Well then, better take yours off.

I also got the medieval set :D
What? I can't like and use what the Duckies use? :3

Let me just go ahead and say it. It looks like you are stealing the child.
Which I think makes the fact you're tickling him even worse.
Thats what you get for being a vampire for 700 years.

He is totally about to miss his carpool, but this
cuteness definitely cancels out the previous creepiness XD

Adair: *sigh* "I wish I could just stay here with Bell..."

Well, at least he doesn't regret his LTW of media magnate.

As soon as Adair left, Bell put himself to bed.

And yet he still woke up before Amira did.

I stand corrected, they woke up at the same time.

Bell takes a quick trip to the potty while Amira catches a shower.

Then she steals him up for a bath.

Amira: "We gotta get you all clean for your birthday don't we?"
Bell: "Birfday? I gets a birfday?"
Amira: "You most certainly do!"

In case you of course already noticed I'm sure, I got seethem2. It, is, wonderful!!

He is not starving, just, very angry lol.
His bar was like half full before Amira put him in, and the same when she gave him food,
so I'm not sure where the hissy fit came from.


Amira: "Hi, my carpool is outside, but today is my kids birthday. I didn't know I had to work.
Huh? Oh yeah no, I'm sick. I can't come in. My tummy-ooooh..."

Adair comes home with a money making memory. His secondary aspiration is fortune afterall.

And yet the only time he looks even remotely happy is when he is playing with his son XD
I think that's sweet.

Amira: "So hun, feel like joining the party?"
Adair: "Not so fun is it?"
Amira: "What?"
Adair: "I said I was getting up. Geez."

Adair: 'This should definitely help the profits this quarter.'


And now, teh birthday spams.

Last look at toddler Bellamy.

Bell: "I...CAN..DANCE!!!!"

Bell: "Hey, I'm a big kid now!"


Bell: "YES! I RULEZ!!!1!!!"

Glad to see that evil inner voice was a one or two time thing lol.

LOL. So. Adairs first son, in his original family,
had the same hair. Bells cheeks surprised me for some reason,
but they're growing on me, and probably will on him too.

Adair: "The first family sit down, and it's cake. What more could you ask for?"

He must be a neat sim.
Apologies for apparently not doing an intro pic yet omfg.
What is wrong with me?

Bell: "I'm so happy you guys are my two best friends."

Oopsie, I cut off the top of your moms head XD

Bellamys bedroom kid-ified.

B.4 (12).jpg

Allow Me to introduce, Bellamy Blake L'ancien.
Great face lol. He's got Amiras freckles and eyes. I let him keep his brothers hair.
Who knows, by Gen S (when I reuse his brothers name)
the guy probably won't look anyhing like the original. (As I said I'm recycling names.)
Oddly enough, Amira looks A LOT like Adairs sister, Gen T name.
Bell has the same points as his dad, except he has his mothers nice and playful points.

But oh my doodness dat nose. Where did that come from?
Like his cheeks, I suspect he'll grow into them.

Oh yah, and a 3/4 shot.

Might as well get one of his gorgeous father >:3
It would seem Bell got his mothers 3/4.

In an attempt to get hers, I ended up trapped in the medicine cabinet XDXD

Huh....well he just doesn't really look a lot like either parent right now.
Let's see how he ages into it then.

Wh...what is happening here?

Amira: "Congrats on being hot!"
Adair: "No, you congrats on being hot!" Art ++


Amira checks for her job while Adair does some house husbandry.

If I could read that I bet that would say,
'Due to the crooked ways of this former celebrity chef, and the rise of his wife
to the top of his once great empire, jobs for culinary enthusiasts are nonexistant.'
Yeah I'd say it says that XD (sammyfrog)

Good lerd. He got that skill bar half full in about 15 sim minutes. No joke.

Ah, knowledge sims. X3

Adair: "Politics?! Don't even talk to me about politics, I've been covering the
Llama incidents for a decade and a half now, and the politicians only care about their money!!"

The bedroom got some April redecorating.

And Bellamy got a desk for his homework, so the 'study' got 'redone' too.

My muse? More like, letmebargeinattwo.

The boys still go to sleep simultaneously.
(Geez, I can spell that, but not medieval?)

While I am happy to see you are concerned about your dental health,
as I should be, needing a crown/root canal >.>
you seem to have clogged the toilet dear.

I had a really bad quip for this, but it's so bad I'm not even gonna.
You broke it, you fix it lol.

I asked her to clean it, she did. When she moved to the second
puddle on her own, she looked at me and agreed excitedly XD

Well now she has to shower.

Amira: 'I hope he likes that I'm sleeping in my undies for
the first time ever, that's sure to get our love going again.'

Probably not seeing as he is getting up before you even fall asleep.
She seems to take a long time to. Adair doesn't really,
and Bell falls asleep right away.

Meanwhile, Bell has a morning bath before his first day of school.
*excitement intensifies*

Adair: "Now son, don't forget to be charismatic at school!
You wanna make a good first impression."
Bell: 'Why do you love me more than mom...'

*loud inner squeal of joy*
Yis of course I did that, how could I not?
But it's my first time seeing it.

His bus driver seems, tooo happy.
Where are the other kids?
Now, now I'm suspicious.

Off to his first day of school, and I'm off to bed.
Even though I wrote the draft so I wouldnt forget my commentary,
and will be doing the actual upload tomorrow. Shup. I makes teh sense dunjudgemeh =w=

(It is in fact the following day, and I am now uploading it, but still tired XD)

Next time we'll try to get through most of his childhood so we can continue this Alphabacy!

As always thank you for reading! Any questions, comments, or advice on
my gameplay, sanity, or mods I use I'll be more than happy to answer/see to. :3
~ETU <3
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