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The L'ancien Alphabacy - B.5: Trials, Tragedy & Tribulations

Heller and welcome back to the L'ancien alphabacy.
So I have spent some time toying with my tags again, little pointless stuff you know.
And this time I'll be jotting down what I'm saying as I take the pic, so hopefully things come together better.

I'd like to actually buy Legacy Estate eventually, so there should be more actual game play going on XD
In this update hopefully we'll get through the majority of Bells childhood years, yaaay!

Last time: We did a buttload of remodeling, lots of skilling, Bellamy aged into a child,
and Amira and Adairs relationship was growing stale.

While Bellamy is at school, Adair keeps up his skills by writing a novel.
Adair: 'I can't believe the llama incident that happened yesterday,
this has definitely got to go in here somewhere...'

And sweet Amira is still sleeping.

Adair had to pause on his creation to go to work.
He has an okay skill set thus far, 5 cooking, 6 charisma,
1 logic, and 5 creativity. Could be better,
but he's up to date on his job requirements.

Amira: 'Dammit, he didn't notice my undies, and I bet he already left for work.
I'll have to think of something else.'
Meanwhile Amira still doesn't even have her LTW related career.
Her skill set is technically worse, 3 cooking
2 mechanical, her body is maxed only
because of learning physiology, 6 creativity,
and 1 cleaning. Again, could be better.

Amira: "Better get dressed before I start the day,
gotta clean the house and find my job!"

The house was actually clean even without a maid. She had it done in no time.
I can now understand her aspiration worries.

I'd totally forgotten her outwear, I lieks it lol.

Uh-oh, they can't afford the bills!

Amira: 'I really need this job, I only have 20 'years' left to be young!'

Amira: 'Only entertainment, law and politics.
That's all the same thing! No culinary....' *sadface*

Amira: 'Law, no. Journalism, no I couldn't work with Adair,
he won't even look at me...' *sigh* 'Entertainment, architecture,'

Amira: 'Politics....' *twitch* 'There's....nothing. Else. Listed....' *twitch*

Amira: 'No culinary job once again, and nothing else
to do all day, I'm writing a book about this.'

Noodle, what are you doing? Lol. Noodle is the pet
name my friend and I used for each other.

Amira: "Stupid computer. Fine. I have to get ready for my stupid job anyways."
Computer: *ZZzzT* -spits sparks-

And while she waits for her carpool,
Amira: "Oh Adair, when did you get so fit?"

Adair: "Amira's leaving for work? Without even saying good bye?
Well, I guess well have to entertain the headmaster
without her....and I even brought home a promotion...."
Well, at least he seems a little bummed. He even walked after her carpool a bit.
And noooow he's level 7. Yay! :D
Ah. Well my computer froze, so pardon me while I restart it, eat chips,
and watch TV while picking up my game play again tomorrow XD
Alrighty, next day, I've eaten, slept, eaten, lots of other actual living, and here we go.
You'll notice Legacy Estate has been white washed, I went over there
and blank slated it, as well as redid the entire garden, so it will be ready for when they buy it.

So, I replayed the short spurt that wasn't saved
when it froze, nothing changed, except...uhm...

It's Miiiiiinddeeeer....

Minder, softly and hushed: "I do certainly hope you successfully
get into private school, and that my presence will not hinder such."
Bell: "Uhm, I think it'll be okay.."
Me too, actually. He seems to be a good omen, rather than a bad one. Hmm >.>

Korey Howe has arrived to judge my family. He's actually
the same one that sent The Keeper to private school.

Oh, Minder hunni, not now. The tour is not going well. TTnTT
I thought I'd taken a pic of Adair greeting Korey, but apparently not.

Adair: "I need you to entertain Korey while I cook dinner really quick."
Minder: "I am flattered you'd leave him to me. No worries then."
Spoiler - it did not go well.

Amira: 'Is the headmaster just standing on the sidewalk?'

Korey: "I have to say, I love your shoes, they are still in season aren't they?"
Amira: "Uhm, well, they're my work shoes..so, I'm not sure."
Adair: 'Well, that explains his dislike of the house decor..'
Minder: "That particular style of womans work boot 4-17
is still in season as a matter of fact."
Korey: "Ah, lovely. And your hat matches them beautifully."
Amira: 'When did Minder get here?!'
Adair: 'I...I can't even with this. This is a disaster...'

(I missed yet another pic, sorry for the word wall)

Adair: "You know, it is just a work hat. But I do believe it's important for
women to be stylish at work. I may be able to propose a column
to my boss about it. Even though I cover sports he may like the idea."
Amira: 'Minder, save him...'
I...I'm not sure how this dinner is going XD

Amira: "I think that's a wonderful idea hunni, it's been too
long since someone covered something like that."

They wont shut up. Bell's not getting it this time...

The timer was done. Points: 44 food, 35 tour, 7 schmooze.
There were 15 seconds left. Adair got up, got fat, and schmoozed him
about school to cover the remaining 4 points, it was 86/90.
He shook her hand, even though Adair didn't finish schmoozing
before the clock ran out and was fixed 86/90.
Jeez this is a bad pic. In short, he didn't get in.

Welp. Bite me Korey.
Headmaster I wish death upon: 'Cute friend though.'
-_-' Did everyone The Keeper know turn out to be gay? XD

he sent her so far down...she collapsed.

Oh you guys are just the worse.

I have never had him fat before, I do not intend to start.

Amira: "Here sweetie, I just, wanted to get you something."
Adair: "I, thank you Amira."
Amira had wanted to give someone a gift, so why not?
It was a holiday candle that Adair put on their bedroom vanity.

Adair sat down to fix the computer, meanwhile Bellamy
should just be getting out of bed. He'd had a rough first day of school.

Heee, is probably not feeling too good now.


SO. *ahem* I will be doing something about this. Not sure what. Uhm.
My rules say no saving from death. But I. Uhm. I have to be able to do something.
...right? QnQ

This doesn't count. >,> it meant like, no reloading. Yeah.
I mean, it is well within the rights of the game afterall.

Alright Amira. Your husbands fate depends on you.

*Me and Amira scream loudly and excitedly simultaneously.*

You deserve that memory. Every second of it.

Come on Adair! We can't be calling Minder this early!!!

Adair: "Oh my god I was dead! And now I'm not! ALRIGHTYEAAAAH!"

Adair: "Amira, my god, you saved me. I love you more than ever,
and I'm gonna act like it from now on I swear."
Amira: "Oh Adair, I love you too. We haven't always been a
perfect match, but I couldn't lose you like that."
Especially since sheee broke the computer in the first place >,>

Oh yah, and so, as it turns out, Amira finished his portrait right as he died. :|

Well, his energy has been full, but I'm glad he missed
all that. He has no memories of it at all.

His mood is pretty bad, so, lets take it easy on him for awhile.

Adair: "Come on man, you beat death, so you know your
are definitely not immortal. But you can jump rope."

But, doesn't that, make you immortal..?

Bellamy: "Here dad, like this!"
Adair seems to be much happier than previously.
And I'm happy Bell doesnt know why.

Amira: "I'll get up so you can sleep peacefully hunni."
Adair: "Okaa-*yawn* hun. I love you."

Amira : "Education, military, and science. I think I may just give up.
I don't want to work in a job I don't even want when I now see how short life can truly be."
Bell: "Sounds good to me!"

With one poke of a screwdriver, she fixed what killed her husband.

Amira: 'I'm serious. If it isn't here, I quit. It's too much.'

Amira: "Stay at home mom. Mm-hm. I've clicked it, it's happening. I quit~"
It has been too long. And I think it's broken XD

Adair: "Yeah so, I died last night, and I'm taking a personal day. Kthxbai."

Amira: "I quit. Ta!"

While his mother gives the house a once over, and Adair crawls
back in bed to finish resting, Bellamy autonomously sat down to play.

I took a short break to download a couple things, install them and
reorganize my mods a little more, but we still have some space to fill for this update, so onward!
Although I'd like to add it's really nice to still have Adair in the loading screen XD

Since Addy got a Buddha belly I'm working on their fitness slowly but surely.
Bell: "Do you think dad will play with me when he wakes up?"
Amira: "*phew* Maybe hun, we'll see."

As Bell waits to ask for help with his homework, Amira pops into a tight bod.

Bell: "Since dad isn't up yet, can you help me with my homework?"
Amira: "Of course Bell, we'll show that headmaster yet!"

They did all of this autonomously :O
I suppose they are getting closer as a family. :D

Yis, Bellamy now has a playground, complete with tree house :D
I swear I'll start saving money for the estate one day >w>

He has his own little setup, which will get better I'm sure.

Amira: "The bunny said, 'I don't like to share my carrots.'
and he looked at his friends, and felt bad."

Adair: "Oh yeah, I can just feel the fat melting off, god it feels good to be alive!!!"

He is my pet, I couldn't just let him die. Shup.

Amira: "I am so happy you're trying to get back into shape Addy."
Adair: "And I...*huff*..think you, ugh, should, keep, looking,
for your, dream job, ARGH IT BURNS!"

Well, someone is a little high on life.

They both still want Bell to get into private school, so lets try again. :|

Just as Amira joins him, he finally says goodbye to his gut.

This, this is my hate face. XD

Amira: "Let me go freshen up~"
Adair: "I'll just, get the bed ready."

Adair: "Things sure are peaceful lately."

I dun care if this is a boring legacy compared to some of the
others, it's enough to make me happy. :3 Them too lol.

Poor Lucky things, I don't think they've had any since she got pregnant with Bell.

Who is downstairs, learning physiology.
Sim logic :D

I go back upstairs to find his parents doing this.
I'm happy they actually know about each others existence now.

They certainly seem to have a good relationship now :D

I am trying to better my picture taking, but I wanted to show all my little bees.

With the headmaster coming for dinner, I'll take no chances,
so Adair calls in again. He needs more skills anyways.

Adair: "So. Baseball. Amirite?"
Oh yah. Real subtle there bub. Not to mention classy. (He's peeing)
I hope.....

I missed it, but then he screamed about her nudity.
-_- .....

By the time Zeeshan Tremble arrived, they were in
their Sunday best and dinner was served.

The tour begins well.

He lost his mind over the upstairs bathroom for some reason XD

And it gave them enough points for getting in! :D

Zeeshan: "If this kid comes from parents with minds able to design a bathroom like this,
you're danged right I want him in my school!!"

All the delicious aspiration points, which she really needed.

And there will we end this update. Next time hopefully Bell will
get to be a teen, and I will get these portraits figured out.
As always thank you for reading. Any questions, advice or comments about my
gameplay or mods I use is desperately hoped for...plx? always welcome! :D
~ETU <3
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