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The L'ancien Alphabacy - B.6: Presents All Around!!

Welcome back the the L'ancien Rainbow Alphabacy!!
Sorry I know it's been a while, I got caught up in downloading CC as well as sammyfrog's Duckling family!!
So, spoiler beware in this Legacy from now on, because I won't be able to remember to put it in every update XD
The Ducklings are now in my hood, the entire family up to Gen 10, save a few spouses and those not up for download yet.
Now then, the show must go on!!

Last time, Bellamy failed to get into private school, so close yet so far,
and caused Amira to breakdown lol awh. Amira had broken the computer while trying to write
a book. Adair then died trying to repair it DDD: YET!!, Amira saved him from the Reaper and nyo,
I don't consider that cheating :D It's well within the rights of the game shup. :P
His death seemed to totally renew the families love for eachother, even though Bell
had no idea his father had died. Amira finally gave up hope, halfway through her adult life,
that she would ever find her job, so she quit her Adventuring career. The family got fit,
Bell got a tree house, and Adair was a pervert while Amira showered. XDXD
Then we left off with Bell getting into private school! :D

This update may seem like a, creative, step back. I'm trying to ease myself back into updates. Apologies.
Now let's see if I can remember what I was going to say on these pics :D

Ah yes, once more, I so sorry, we have new clothes and hair and all sorts
of good stuff :D So everyone got some new clothes, and Amira got a haircut!

Bell is rockin his new orange unicorn shirt, and yes, there is a roof there. Just no tiles :|

The couple gets back to skilling, Amira has some portraits to perfect,
and Adair needs to catch up on his job requirements.

Bellamy has some points to even out as well, but he was playing with the blocks all his own.

Bell: "Oh yeah, I got a new treehouse! I'm so excited! My own little cave!"

Bell: "Ah, a quiet place to sit down and read my cook books."

Like the house isn't quiet. XD

Here is Adairs, or, most of, his new outfit. Seems like he is always working on his charisma.

Huh. It's snowing in the house. XDXDXD

Adair: *OOh, *evil smile* I have a great idea.*

Oh lerd. What ever could it be?

Amira is too concerned about the portraits to notice
her husbands evil smile or that he left for work.

Bell: "Oh joy, I got an A+."

Gee, try to look excited.

Even though it's daylight still, Bell is so exhausted
from school Amira decides to read him to sleep.

Then promptly drops into bed herself.

Adair: "Oh good, the family is asleep. Shall I conduct my plan now?"

Yes dear. >:]

Adair: "At least they built this close enough to walk to."

I wonder what he is getting. :D

This adorable ball of fluff circling herself in front of Adairs feet, is October.
The official L'ancien kitteh :D
Her download link is here, thanks to the creator for her :3
Apparently her name is Fall, she is an October Jinx. But I like October better anyways :D

Adair enters from the wrong side, buuuut okay. At least he brought.....
(I scared myself and had to double-check I made her as a girl kitteh, because in the last
family I made, I made an oopsie and made a kitteh a boy)
At least he brough her home with him :D

Bell is upstairs doing his homework, let's see how long it takes him to notice.

But first, teh collar! You can't see it ever, but she gets a rainbow collar :D

And a first lesson in not tearing up furniture.
BTW, October is an Aries kitteh,
A genius, mid activity, friendly, mid niceness, and mid cleanliness.

Bell: "OOH, hey kitty! What are you doing here? Did dad bring you home from work?"
October: "Hello tiny hooman. You are nice and smell good."


Look at teh widdle belly!! October and Bell instantly start getting along famously.

Once Bell tredges off, October decides to watch, nothing.

Teh lulz.
Ah, but here's a glance at her collar :3
Oopsie, looks like I forgot to capture Amira finishing Adairs portrait.

Adair: 'Hmm, warm. I can't wait for her to find her present.'
Amira: snoreapresentyousaysnore

This, this is just kitteh stalking X3
Sammeh (sammyfrog) was right, it's hard not to.

Bellamy: "October, I'm so proud of you, using your scratchy post."
October: "I leiks it when you pets."

groanwantnow She is just so sweet and smart and playful!!!


Now, now I'll apologize. All teh spams.

October: "I swear it feels like I'm being stalked. I hope they get a curtain."

That, would literally do nothing to help thwart me XDXD

Amira: "Good morning my love, did you sleep well?"
Adair: "Hmmm? Oh...uh-huh."

Adair: "I feel like I had something to, oh yeah."

Adair: "So, I got you a present. Do you wanna know what it is?"

Amira: "Uh, as long as it's the good kind..?" :|

Lol why is she worried?

Amira plops down in front of October, who is fast asleep.
I guess she can hardly comprehend teh fluffs.

Adair: "Aha, you're so very welcome!" *Gah she's so hot*

Lol. I'm glad to see your affections for your wife continue to grow.

I probably had something for this. Poor thing. Being a kid can be so yawnboresnore.
At least in sims lol.
Oh yeah, wait I remember. He slept all night after staying up with October,
so he had to finish his homework before going to school.

He lost 1,ooo for missing the bus, but gained it right back for completing his homework.
Good work Bell, now then, off to school you go.

A-haaa, a mystery food on the pie menu? Whatever could it be?
Teh steaks mayhaps?

Oh. Nope. Cucumber soup. Weird, it was working before.

Amira is once more too busy to notice her husband leaving for work,
so his portrait sees him and his worries off.
Don't worry, you get a close up momentarily.

I have also decided that October will forever be a red 'sim'. Since she was given to Amira.

Ooo-hoo, I wonder what it could be? Lulz.

And then, what's this? A carpool?
I couldn't bear it for her. I made the rules so oh well lol.
I got Amira her long-awaited cooking job :D

We speed through the day, and happen to see October
longfully watching some stranger reading my newspaper.

You can just see the snow disappearing from said
stranger that she had followed outside to muttle with.

October: "Where is you going friend?"
Bellamy: "Who was that I wonder."
Stranger: "Oop, bye kitty. You didn't see me, I wasn't here."

Alrighty then, update stranger to creep.

Bellamy: "Hi, so I just got home from school, and apparently my mom
found the job she's been looking for since before I was born. I'm alone,
and I think I am supposed to have a baby-sitter. Huh? Oh yeah my
parents will pay when they get home. No I don't know when that
will be. What? No, they didn't just leave me, they're at work. Okay, yup. See you soon."

I like how their first concern was money XD I had never gotten that notification before.
It said something like, 'It is not a good idea to leave Bellamy home alone.'
I didn't want to test the social worker, so he called a baby sitter.

Bell: "Do-do-doo, drawing a pic-a-ture, of meeee, riding a llamaaaaaa~"

I mean, I wouldn't be worried about leaving my kid alone
for a few hours if he was as well behaved as Bell is.
They said it like he'd burn the house down.

Mallory Day, back again eh? No fret, Bell can handle hisself. Missy.

Hey, at least she is an amazing cleaner. It's almost like they have a maid again.

Bell: "I finished, it's done, and there. Masterpiece it is."

Watching a kid show huh? Bell is a big boy I'm sure. I wouldn't worry.

Well, she changed it to cooking, then turned it off and got up.

Adaaaaaiiiir, yaaaaay!!! Wait, why aren't you taking a shower leiks I saaaiiiddd??

Ah. Aaaawwh. But, I thought I had a mod for that?
Hmm, No Return Home Animation...
(Just picture a professor Pusheen)
Hm. Monsieur Cyjon says prevents from announcing.
I guess the kiddos still come say hi.

Mallory: "Okay then, I'll leave."
Bell: "Dad can you help me with my homework?"
Adair: "Sure, it is very important after all."
October: "I'm dunna play with those laces when he takes dems off."

Bell: "So, you are going to help me?"
Adair: "I said yes didn't I?"

Ah. The bookshelf was in his way lol. Bell had to ask like 3 times.

What the, what is that? On the left there?
Wai with the weird floaty stuff game?

Homework memories FTW!!

Amira brings home a promotion on her first day! :D
Let's hope she flies up the ladder, she won't be young much longer now.
Well, she's like, half way there anyways. Still.

Amira: "Hi baby. I missed you so muuuuch." *smooches cheek and smeck attacks ear*
Bell: gigglesnort "Mooom!!"

Bell tries to ninja kick the wall in anger about his parents choosing to mack in his room.

Role reversal, Ma tucks him in and Dad reads him to sleep.
It was a lil' creepy cause he like, spasmed out of the bed for a moment there.

October: "snoreMallory....snore"

Adair: "I'm so happy you finally found your dream job Am. I hope you do really good."
Amira: "Awh, I just hope we live long enough to buy that house we've always wanted."

Well. o.o At least they have goals.

Silly kitteh, you can't turn the TV on.

She then promptly rushes outside to say hi to the newspaper boy.
Better not be trying to steal my cat.

Newspaper boy: *gasp* "They got a widdle kitty!! Awwh, *snuggles* you're so soft and friendly!!"


How is she so sweet and loving?!

*Dramatic fanfare*
Bell, your orange chariot to school awaits.

*LE GASP* On the counter???
I don't care even a little for once XDXD
I can get a great picture of her this way.

That time. It is wrong. I guess they forgot to set the clock when it sprang forward :D

Undie skills, every person needs them.

Adair: "If I didn't have the courage to talk to someone in my pjs,
I wouldn't be very charismatic then would I?"

October: "ooohhpurrpurr What is this??? For me??"

I decided I'd dish a little more out for her. Well, spent,
she spent the next two hours climbing up and down it XD

Amira has finished their portraits, made a little moneys
from the failed ones, and I am finally proud.

Here they are :D
I am considering redoing their Founder pic as well. Same concept, just brighter.
And not in pjs. I'll keep this one if I do, as just a regular pic.

Amira: "Adaaaiiiir? Want some burgers? Cause I'm making some!!"


Adair and the fireman simultaneously rush to put it out through one another.

Amira: "Ho hum now."

Amira: "Aw, they came out burned..."

Memory of a goldfish this one.

Amira: "Wouldn't it have been awesome if The Keeper
had to come get one of us? He's so attractive!!"

Gee. Filter your thoughts much?

Waaaait a second....they usually only do that, at least in my game, about a sim on the lot.
*checks, is very suspcious*

*keeps window in view, is being paranoid*

Adair: "One day soon you'll have to potty train your own children."
Bell: "Awesome!!"

Amira: "Ugh, who sets the kitchen on fire? Honestly??"

Amira: 'I really need to get back into this, or they'll never promote me!'

Sudden birthday party yaay!! :D
Lol I totally forgot to mention this was coming. But I have a
new image capture thing I'm gonna try so we shall seeee.

Adair & Amira: "Yay Bell! Grow up well son!"
Bell: "I'm gonna get so big I push the roof off!!"

Here is your last look at child Bellamy Blake L'ancien, our Gen B baby.
Betcha didn't even know he had freckles this whole time didja? Lol.

Bellamy: "Awesooome!! I rule!!"
Amira: "Yaaay! You're so handsome now!!"
Adair: "Bravo son, you look as good as your old man now."

He grew up well, yay!

Adair: "So kiddo, you ready to take on the world?"
Bell: "Oh yah, ash shoon ash I'm done wifsh dish cake."

Lol, Bells kid homework was still calling him upstairs at 7. It even had a
unicorn on it like his childhood shirt. I'm willing to bet he has a thing for them XD

Bell: 'Man, I'm gonna have to get married soon. Alright!' :D

And that is where we will leave off for now! :D Yay! Romance teen years and college and future!!

Next time, we will hopefully meet/find Bells future waifu, and get through his 8 teen daysyears.

Oh yah, and, because I'm evil, you'll get to see his face. Next time! >:D

Thank you everyone for reading, if you have any questions about my mods
or custom content of any kind, just ask and I'll be happy to answer! I keep a very careful catalog :D
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