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The L'ancien Alphabacy - B.7: Love of Thorns

Hello all, and welcome back to the L'ancien Alphabacy challenge.
So, my editing is slowly getting better (Yay), hopefully it will get easier to read :D
I'm still trying to ease back into updating regularly, so my editing will get better bit by bit.
Onwards shall we?

Last time: (Not including the documentary on the The Great Duck Migration)
Everyone got some slight makeovers, because I just can't help myself :D
Adair came up with an idea, then quickly revealed it was to adopt October into the family.
October made friends with everyone and proved to be the purrfect kitteh.
Amira got her job :O Bell called a baby sitter for hisself, then had dad help with homework.
Amira set the stove on fire, and then Bellamy grew up :DDD

So, since Bellamy is now a teenager, his bedroom gets redone a bit. Here is an over-view.

Tried to do a little decorating, a boy centered cork board.

He got some neat knick-knacks for his nightstand shelf.

Another cork board by his door.

And, here he is!! Isn't he gorgeous? :D

I was a little worried he would look like Adairs original son, but not at all!
I think he has Amiras nose, her eyes obviously, but everything else is Adairs.

He still has the cute button nose.

So, I know it's in his intro pic, but here's a look at Adairs stats. Personality anyways.
Still bordering on chubby XD

A look at Amiras and a wonderful expression to go with it lol.
I missed getting her skills I sorry vnv

Here's Adairs skills and job :D
As well as the portraits. They need more lights.

So, the camera I thought I could use, I can't, but yay for print screen!
The Duck pond is to the right of this shot.

Here is Bells personality, he rolled brown and black hair for his turn ons, but he doesn't like cooks.
A lifetime of Amiras failure? LOL

Oh Bell, that just isn't gonna happen. XD Poor thing. Unless I really REALLY end up loving him.

Here is Octobers personality. :3 She is just so sweet and perfect :D

Upper cut to Amira getting toilet water, just, everywhere...

Amira: "Who keeps clogging these toilets?!"

Amira: "Man, everybody in the house just, eats too much...."

October: "I sorry, but thank you for cleaning my poops hooman."
Amira: "Awh, at least someone appreciates meee, whose my pretty kittyyyy?"

October: *hissss* "Teh belly, get it aways!!"
Amira: *laughsnort* "Aha, you dunna get de feathers Tobi?"

Bell: "Scholarships? I don't have any of those yet do I?"

Considering you just aged up, my guess would be no.

Bell: "Well, I probably qualify for some, oh hey!"

He bags an A+ scholarship.

As well as the Body skill one. Thank you physiology :D

Bell: "Well, the bus is here, but someone has to feed October."

Bell: "Oh joy, another day of school. But now I'm a teenager...so I have to hate it." :|

Adair: "Yup, that looks like a storm rolling in."

LULZ teh weather face!!

Adair: 'Can't get chubby again, I died last time! Gotta be fit and fast!'

Ooooh-hoo-hooo, Bell, who is this? ;D

This, is Briar. *winkwinknudgenudge*
And Bellamy fished her out his first day at school!!
Good signs, mayhaps?

Bell: "So like, I asked you home, because you're just so cool..and pretty.."

Smooth kid.

Briar: "Awh, you're just saying that." +750

Good lord. She's worse than Amira.

Really, very much worse LOL
She's so shy she had to shove the idea of Bell liking her directly into her face.

Wow, she really got it in there didn't she?
Ah, roses and love blossoms in the spring~

Bell: "I really like you too, but jeez oh man this weather huh?"

I'm beginning to suspect his social ineptitude.

With Adair already at work, Amira slips out to her own job. Leaving Bellamy to,

clean the cat bed.... Right. That's what you do when your parents abandon you at home again.
Except, this time there's a hot girl for you downstairs.

Bell: "Yeah. My parents totally trust me. They know I can't cook, so I won't burn the house down."
Briar: "Wow, that's so awesome!"

Okay yeah he's bad at this XDXD

Brair: "Since we're aloone~, PILLOW FIGHT!!"

I, I am not sure what to make of Bells amazing face ROFL

Oh god. Well, How bad can it be?
I forgot the picture, but, the Blender lost them 100 simoleons.

They got their first kiss from one another, aaawh.
Personal note, I need to get a mod to stahp the cutscenes.

Adair brings home another promotion! :D
Maybe they'll actually start saving money for the Estate!!

Lulz, Adair, who'dja bring home?

Adair: "Huh? I dunno."

I DO!!!
It's Gen 4 Jolie Duckling. Karis' older sister.

Jolie: "Awh, hello little kitty, you want the finger? C'mon, get the finger!"

I too like to live dangerously...

Bell: "So, would you, I dunno...li-"
Briar: "Like to be your girlfriend and be together forever, YES!"
Bell: "Awesome!!!"

I..okay. He seems totally fine with that amount of static cling.

Briar: "Porkchops? Thanks Mr. Bells Dad, these smell great."
Jolie: "Oh, that's fine. I wan't gonna eat those anyways..."
Adair: 'Why isn't Jolie eating? I can cook okay.."

Amira also bring home a promotion, and a friend!! :D

Bell: "What the- I finished my homework Mom, no need to have me abducted!!"
Gen 8 Polaris Duckling: "Hey kid, no worries."
*follows up with a finger point, several times*

Polaris: "Yeah, so making out is really cool."
Briar: "Uh, yeah? I mean sure."

Polaris, don't be weird now.

Adair: "So, you should buy her a necklace, or something nice." *wink/glare*
Jolie: "I'll just stand back here and watch, that's hilarious!"

Oop, my bad. I'll add some chairs I guess.

A cheapo bed, since Briar is apparently staying forever.

Briar: "Oooh, Bells bed looks so comfy! Mm, and smells like him~"

Bell: "So hey, thanks for coming. But Dad isn't up anymore, so bye now,"

Have a random glance at Amiras chart. She is a knowledge sim,
with family as her secondary.

Adair meanwhile, is also a knowledge sim, with fortune as his secondary.

Even though she was asleep, she seems to just know their date is over,
right at that very second.

The pair just stood there making out, for quite awhile might I add.
Well, at least they're happy.

Since the date boosted, at least all of his needs, Bell follows her downstairs for a game of chess.

Bell: "So, remember that time we made out five minutes ago? Let's do that again soon."
Briar: "I would love to. I love hearing you talking about making out, unlike that green guy."
Bell: "Wh-what?"

Briar: "Huh, no I don't wear any make up. I like it and all, but I mean, I don't wear it."

Believe it or not, she doesn't. I think she just has like, a gloss?
I almost couldn't get a pic without her doing this face lol.
Kingly photobomb.

Oooh, then the sun rose and just lit her up. She is soooo pretty.

Briar: "Nah, this wedgie is more important, I don't feel like going to school."
Adairs Portrait: "Lol, undies."

Sure, we'll just continue to stay at our boyfriends house, parading around in nothing.

Wow. So, apparently, neither Amira OR Adair seem to even know she exists.
Just, completely oblivious to some girl in her undies at their house for 2 days.
Teehee, all the Ducklings. Amira was part of House 1s welcome wagon I believe.

Amira: "Oh, so hey. Nice to meet you. You won't be bringing in a lot of drama, right?"

Briar: "No ma'am. I just like being Bellamys friend."

They're both in their undies, I think they'll get along just fine.

Amira: *mumbling* "Good, I wouldn't want to have to turn you into soup..."
Briar: "What was that?"
Amira: "Huh? I didn't say anything dear, your move."

Subtle, Amira is.

Adair: "And burglars!! Don't even get me going on that!"

With a promotion comes more skill requirements.

Bell: 'My girlfriend is eating soup with my parents, and she's in her underwear. Awesomee.'
Adair: "I like hats, I heard a new hat shop just opened up."

Briar: "I always hated people who were dramatic. Like, we all get it. You need attention."

A nice variation of reactions.

Bell: "You're so creative Briar. I love that."
Amira: 'Adair, quit showing off your ass. That's mine.'

This family is getting weird :|

Briar: 'Oh, I just can't wait to marry him, and be with him always.'
October: "Am I the only one who can see these thought bubbles? I DUN THINK SO MISSY!!"
*Halloween cat style hisses*

Briar: "Bell, you didn't tell me you had such a beautiful and sweet kitty! I love widdle kitties!"
October: "Okay, she can stay." +

Well, you knew where the bed was! Yeah. OKAY.

So indeed, she goes home finally. To the teeny Temp House at the Duck pond.
Briar after all, has no family, and is out on her own.

She returns just in time for the headmaster to come spit on her ridiculously small house.
I've decided I'll have to do a tiny house challenge one day.
I love tiny houses and I want one.

Briar: "Hello sir. Welcome, let me just give you the tour. It won't take long."
Jerk who turned Bell down: "Won't be long, yes I'm sure."

I didn't care to remember his name lol: "So how long have you been alone like this?"
Briar: "Oh, I get by just fine, I have my own job after all, and still maintain good grades."

Even when you don't go to school while living at your boyfriends house.

I'm amazed to say, there was no cheating. Believe it or not we did this with just enough time left!

Here is where I say I just turned on free-will and let her be while I napped a little.
I still paid attention of course, saving periodically. The only things I had to tell her to do,
was to check mail, pay bills and clean. She went to bed but still woke up for the bus,
stopped showering to go to work, and did her homework when 7 o'clock came.
She is very, very competent in taking care of herself.

However her social was dropping, so Bell came over for a visit,
and I almost missed them falling in love!
Walk-by photobomb.

There we go.

Bell: "Briar, I just love you so much."
Briar: "Awh, I love you too Bellamy."

Aha! Briar has reached the top of her teen career, so playing her is done.
And you're giving our teenagers guns, that's nice.

Have some spoilers for Briar. But not all!
We leave off this update with Briars scholarships and lots of love.~~

Thank you everyone for reading! I look forward to the next updates!!
Any questions about my gameplay, mods or custom content I use, I'd be happy to answer!
See you next time!
~ETU <3
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