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My Sims 2 Alphabacy Challenge Rules

So, this is the Legacy Challenge for Sims 2 I will be doing, at least it's the basic guidelines for it that I will try to adhere to :3

No, I have never done a Legacy before, as I'm sure will become obvious lol.
There are some things I'll have more as my own rules, or twists.

Here it is:

Alphabet Legacy Challenge
26 generations, each gen names going from A to Z
(gen 1=A, gen 2=B, ect. to gen 26=Z)

Rainbow Generations
Each gen is a color of the rainbow.
(gen A red, gen B orange, C yellow, D green, E blue, F purple, G begin repeat, so G is red and so on)
(pink in red gen only, teal only in blue, ect.)
(white, black, brown, grey, colors that aren't colors, are the only allowed secondary colors)
(i.e. can't have a green gen use purple as secondary color)


Personal Legacy Challenge Rules

Household must remain intact.
(Aside from college, family members can not move out. Born together and die together)
(College sims must rejoin family upon graduation)

No saving from death.
(No cheating it outside of normal game possibilities)
((If no heir is present because of an untimely death, another heir may be born) i.e. if gen k heir was only child and dies, his parents could have another child to pass heirship to))

No cheating.
(No extra money, only exception being a wrongful loss (meaning a customer walked out of a store without paying, NOT a chance card loss or fire damage, ect.))
(No cheating personalities or skills)

No supernatural sims in the legacy bloodline.


Things I don't count.

(Aspiration/Career rewards are within the rights of normal gameplay)
(I have a 7pm homework mod, who cares lol)
(I have 'no friends for career' because I think it's dumb to need 549,398 friends and it's my game so there) :L
(I have a free clothing mod item because it becomes impossible to shop normally so oh well)
(I have sim blender for fixing relationship in families ONLY, namely the Ducks, so just pretend I don't have it)
(Although I did use it when a career refused to spawn for half of Gen A spouses adult life. Shup)

(I'm sure I'll add more excuses)


The Keeper
A sim called only The Keeper will be the sim to call when a family member dies. The Keeper will come, you give him the headstone/urn, and he takes it home to his cemetary. He is the keeper of souls, sims, bodies. The undertaker, ZHAO THE MOONSLAYER-- alright you get it.

(update) After setting The Keeper up the way I wanted him, he ended up with an 'assisstant' named Minder. (Min-der) will actually be the one who retrieves the urns/headstones.

Read about the Keepers catch-up here: http://emotobiuchiha.livejournal.com/1645.html

And there it goes lol. I know it's not very Lagacy-ey, but oh well lol. I'm the one that has to play through it all, you get to just sit there and judge :D

Any questions or comments, let me know!! -Etu
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