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As always thank you for reading! Any questions, comments, or advice about my gameplay or mods I use is gladly received!
~ETU <3
Heller, and welcome back to the L'ancien Alphabacy!!
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Thank you for reading, any questions or comments about gameplay or mods I'll be happy to hear!
~ETU <3
Let's get this started.
Welcome back to the L'ancien Alphabacy, I know it hasn't been long, just tedious on my end XD
I've been sick and coughing and hacking even when I'm sleeping, but still felt the need to play with the tags and cuts and all that on all my posts thus far. Still playing with it lol.
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Thank you for reading, any questions or comments I'll be happy to hear!
~ETU <3

The L'ancien Alphabacy - A.3: Eternal

Aaaahhh, finally back to the Legacy Challenge. I have finally caught up with my readings, broken and replaced a TV, and fixed my game, finished the setup and can finally continue this challenge!! I took lots of pictures, some are probably pointless, I sorry vnv
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Thank you for reading! Any questions about my gameplay or mods I use, I'll be happy to answer! :3

Failed First Legacy Attempt :D

I will let the title talk for me, then talk anyways lol. So, if you're following, as you know, the first attempt I made on my L'ancien Rainbow-Alphabacy was doomed from the start. Judge meh I dun care lol.

I thought you might like to see my failure for yourself, and so I recovered what I had done up to quitting and starting over.

Here it is!! :D

(I know there a spelling errors in some places, and you'll be able to tell that I changed my approach when I restarted it, although I was still doing the combined word-text thing that is cancer incarnate. Apologies one last time.)

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Awh, der yah go. From here, I started all over, remade them. So far I have not added Bubblegum and Cherry back in, but we shall see...

We shall see...

weshallseeeee, ya-seeeee?

Here you'll find the ACTUAL start to my Legacy Challenge ----> emotobiuchiha

Heller!! :3

My sent messages are embarrasing for me to look at right now vnv

I do promise I will play my Alphabacy and post updates for it, I'm al...most....done catching up with the Ducklings (alittlestrange)

I actually have made progress since the second update though, as far as continuing prep for this challenge. The Keeper got an assisstant, Minder, and he is the one who will actually be retrieving the deceased sims.

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I'll pick back up, I mean, jeez after all that I'm right there. I just have to finish up The Keeper for finally!! And then catch the rest of the way up to the Ducklings, and on I freaking go!!!

I also have a fabulous list of boy and girl names of each letter compiled so I can hopefully encourage myself to play.

I'm also beginning the decent into some light mods to make gameplay easier/more interesting. But I am on a very cruddy lap-top, so I'm not sure what he can handle lol.

Thank you so much for reading!! I look forward to entertaining you! <3
Heller! And welcome back to The L'ancien Aplhabacy!
Again, apologies about the text and all that, it does change during this update. Let's continue shall we?
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My Sims 2 Alphabacy Challenge Rules

So, this is the Legacy Challenge for Sims 2 I will be doing, at least it's the basic guidelines for it that I will try to adhere to :3

No, I have never done a Legacy before, as I'm sure will become obvious lol.
There are some things I'll have as more my own rules, or twists, or that I will adhere to.

Here it is:

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