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[sticky post] ETU, Alphabacy Extraordinaire~

Welcome to my live journal! I apologize for any reason in advance, I am so new to this it hurts lol.
I came here because I found this wonderful lady
and her AMAZING Legacy story
I am under taking a Legacy challenge of my own, I will be doing a Rainbow/Alphabacy. Meaning instead of the normal 10 generations in the legacy family, I'll be doing 26.      o.o'      What am I thinking?! :O  Lol. I have never played a family past gen 3! If I have, I certainly don't remember it XD
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Gen BCollapse )
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Thank you so much for reading! :3
Any questions, comments, or advice, I'll be happy to see to! =^w^=

Heller and welcome back to the L'ancien family!
So little time it seems.
Shall we?
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Good night for me, good day to you! <3
~ETU <3

Curse me, and all I do to myself -n-'
This update, is the epitome of why I have never made it past gen 3.
Did I mention that? YES. I have, and allow me to iterate carefully here,
never even gotten gen 3 of a family, to adulthood. Never.
It's always the same thing, sometimes though it starts in the second gen.
On with it then.
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Thank you everyone for reading, I really hope I keep this going! Let's see if I can push past my curse, and keep the legacy alive!
Any questions or comments are happily received!
~ETU <3

That's right kittens!
Count your stars 'cause Gen C has arrived, and it's a wild ride!
Fits the color yellow perfectly don'tcha think? Just like,
Here it is!!!
Anyways, heller! And welcome back. Shall we?
C.1Collapse )

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed as much as I did :L 'Twas a wild ride!
Any questions or comments on or about my gameplay, mods or custom content I use, I'll be happy to answer!
~ETU <3

Heller, and welcome back for another round of the L'ancien Rainbow Alphabacy.
You excited? Me toooo!!
Awright les go!
90 Picatures in dis update friends :L
Also, warning, for, I dunno, pick one lol.
Nudity maybe, Duckling spoilers. Cursing possibly.
Lack of color coordination. There's that.
Or, well. There's really no coordination here XD
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Thank you for reading! Any questions or comments on gameplay, mods, or wcif of any kind, I'll be happy to reply to! <3
~ETU <3

& Welcome back to the L'ancien family, Gen B college experience :D
Let's get to it!
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As always thank you for reading!
Any questions, WCIFs or comments, let me know! :3

Heller one and all!!
Step up, step up, don't be shy.
They may look like a pack of cobras, but have no fear!
It's only, The L'ancien family!!!!!
(imitation fan cheering)
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Thank you everyone for reading, any questions, comments or advice I'll be happy to hear.
If you'd like to consult my catalog of mods and custom content, just ask :L
~ETU <3

Heller, and Welcome back for another viewing of The Ancients.
I just, genuinely need to say, this update, while short,
(58 Pictures), just, freaking, killed me inside.
Also, you liking the new banner? :D
Alrighty, on with it then!!
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Thank you everyone for reading as always, any questions, comments, or advice
about my mods or custom content I use, as well as my gameplay, I will be happy to adress.
~ETU <3

Download A L'ancien

The L'anciens are now available for download!
Custom Content is included.
Gen ACollapse )Gen BCollapse )

Please give me credit where due and do not claim as your own. I only assume credit for the sim, not the custom content. If you would like a template only version, just use the clean installer :D

Hello all, and welcome back to the L'ancien Alphabacy challenge.
So, my editing is slowly getting better (Yay), hopefully it will get easier to read :D
I'm still trying to ease back into updating regularly, so my editing will get better bit by bit.
Onwards shall we?
B.7Collapse )

Thank you everyone for reading! I look forward to the next updates!!
Any questions about my gameplay, mods or custom content I use, I'd be happy to answer!
See you next time!
~ETU <3