emotobiuchiha (emotobiuchiha) wrote,

Failed First Legacy Attempt :D

I will let the title talk for me, then talk anyways lol. So, if you're following, as you know, the first attempt I made on my L'ancien Rainbow-Alphabacy was doomed from the start. Judge meh I dun care lol.

I thought you might like to see my failure for yourself, and so I recovered what I had done up to quitting and starting over.

Here it is!! :D

(I know there a spelling errors in some places, and you'll be able to tell that I changed my approach when I restarted it, although I was still doing the combined word-text thing that is cancer incarnate. Apologies one last time.)

Awh, der yah go. From here, I started all over, remade them. So far I have not added Bubblegum and Cherry back in, but we shall see...

We shall see...

weshallseeeee, ya-seeeee?

Here you'll find the ACTUAL start to my Legacy Challenge ----> emotobiuchiha
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