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The L'ancien Alphabacy - B.2: Birthday Bell

Heller, and welcome back to the L'ancien Alphabacy!!
Last time, uh, *checks*
Oh yis, wet met baby Bellamy obvs, who Minder of Souls
promptly stopped in to stalk help the baby sitter with.
We definitely stalked watched the baby sitter handle our precious B baby,
and Amira had some fun problems.
A-ha, get it, fun problems?

Monsieur skunk approves of default replacement, cover, mailbox, thing.
I decided I definitely wanted to use it,
must remind myself there's a couple more mods I want to try,
and I'll be changing the color of the mailbox to match the currently dominant color.

that I was def jelly of and copied

Yis, lots of them lol.
I'm only sorry Bellamy didn't happen to be orange. That stinks

After putting wee Bell to his crib once he'd finished his bath, Adair tried to get some skilling for work done.
He wasn't behind yet, but he will be soon.

Aaaaand Amira broke the downstairs sink again.
Come on guys.

Well, might as well help get the house in tip-top shape before he heads off to work,
since it apparently needs it.

Amira: "Iiii'm dunna get deh belly!! omnomsnomsnoms!!"
Bell: *giggles uncontrollably*

Amira: "Whose my handsome little orange blossom?"

Yeah I could not stand that set anymore XD
At least this one does have some orange.

Awwwhh, wooks at de widdle babeh seepings~

Amira sits down to some well deserved pancakes, before getting a 'I have a baby now.' hairdo.

A short while later Bell needed a diaper change,
thus the explosion of fumes and diapers Amira attempted to avert by throwing the baby in the air.

Amira: "That was scary!! You must be hungry after all that."

Bell: *burps into ear* "Yuuup. That's better."

I also realized I had preemptively put an orange fairy carpet in the nursery when Amira was preggs,
so I replaced it with a basketball. (Which I soon rearranged)

Ah, it would appear Adair never finished the dishwasher problems.
It's okay, Amira is a strong independant woman who don't need no man since he's at work.

Oop, there he is.
Amira: "Hi hunni, just taking out the trash."
Adair: "I got a promotion!" :D

Amira: "We might actually get that house one day!"

Amira is obviously thrilled they have more than 60 simoleons now XD

Adair is so sweet. Since Bell can't run out to him yet, he always comes in to say hello after work.

Then heads down to eat pancakes while Amira remembers to look for her job again.
Baby brain, it's real. I am proof.

The next morning, after being quiet and patient all night, Bell soiled himself.

Adair: 'Why'd we have to do that?'

Adair: "Hey tyke, didja mess yourself? Come on then, let's get that fixed huh?"
Bell: "Oh thank god I didn't have to wait all day."

I gotcha kiddo.

Adair: "Whoooose my clean little man? Yes you are!"

Lol, his baby voice XD

And with that, they became besties. Yay & Awh!!

Adair: "We'll go ahead and give ya the full work-up so you can get some sleep huh?"


Well good morning sunshine. Do any parenting recently?

Adair: "Looking for your job again?"
Amira: "Yes, I am. Why?"
Adair: "No reason.."

Adair: 'She better not have found it, she has to be a mom some time.' *glareglare*

No worries, she didn't. *sigh*

Amira: 'I bet if I'd gone to college I'd have found it by now.'

It is taking a considerable amount of time. It's been like, a week. No chef job. :|

Well. The two went off to work. Which means Mallory is back.
*squinty glare*

Yeah that's right. I'm in here and you don't need to be!

Bell: "Oh, you again."

Well, at least she's taking care of him.

You, mot-

Hey, HEY, get outta here with that!!
UGGHH. Stupid Alabama.

She came up here, and took him out of his crib, to put him on the floor.

Then turned away.

Then put him right back in his crib, where he immediatley fell asleep.

*weary sigh*
At least she's cleaning the house when she's not being dumb.

She's cleaning stuff the maid apparently missed. >,>

Oooh, Okay. Let's see how long it takes.

About 20 sim minutes.
Not sure if good, or meh....
*suspicious squinty glare*

The parents finally returned home, yaaaay!

Adair & Bell: 'Uh, what about the cake?'

Yis, it's finally time to have the birthday. If Amira will cooperate.

They both looked away lol.


Since Mom obviously didn't want to be a part of the birthday pictures, on we go.

Oh my doodness dat outfit...

Amira: "This cake taste like tomato soup to you?"
Adair: "Uhh, I'm not sure..."

Uh, so, the kids crawling away, guys?

Post make over and LOL
He looks positively EVIL!!!

Amira: "Good night my little prince~"

Awh, wook at his widdle bear pjs. Wif de widdle paw feetsies.

And here we shall go ahead and end the update.
Hope you enjoyed, next time let's get through his toddler years!!

Thank you for reading, any questions or comments about gameplay or mods I'll be happy to hear!
~ETU <3
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