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The L'ancien Alphabacy - B.3: Skills, Strangers, & Stealers

Weeell Hellloooo!!!
She said, mimicking Mrs. Doubtfire.
And welcome back to the L'ancien Alphabacy!! Last time....*rolls eyes before checking*...
Last time we had a birthday!! I knew that already lol. We stalked the nanny together and well, that
was about it. Lol I'm sorry I know it was kinda short and borebore. This one is a wee bit longer,
75 pictures. In this update, you'll notice some recoloring of the house to make it more, rainbowy. :D
Let's see what the Ancients are up to.
Once again, you'll see all kinds of stuff getting replaced or recolored.
I've been thinking that it just wasn't prominent enough that it's a rainbow alphabacy.
Like, why on earth was the downstairs bathroom blue, but the upstairs was red??

Adair: "Alright tyke, let's get you smart."

Hunni, there's a high chair...right there....

Sooo, you aren't worried about the radioactivity of the bottle you're handing to your one and only child.
Good to know.
I suppose I'll be getting a mod for that....mayhaps.

Adair: "Alright son, we should probably get that out of your system."
Bell: 'You mean I can't keep making my butt messy?'

Adair: 'I'll never have to change diapers again!!'
And now, for the faces.

Wow, he still looks like the vampire he once was.
*swoons a little*

Ah yis, behold and gawk upon my April nursery set. Or, just the changing table.
The L'anciens are pretty broke, so the cheapo bed'll have to pass for now.

Adair: "No, Bell, you're supposed to come to me.."

Oh Amira!! So you are still alive. Wow, Adair was right.
You really don't do any parenting do you?
She was still trying to finish off her physiology.

Woah-ho, this boy learns quick! All that in the time it took to check on his mutha.

Adair: "Come on, you almost got it down perfect forever!!"

Adair: "Let's hope that glowing wears off!"

EEEYYY-OOH. I didn't even know he wanted it, I don't think lol.

Yay for good parenting memories! <3

Oh yah, he can really use some influence huh?

I like the window shots, dunjudgemehs    >w<
I try to get my toddlers to learn as much charisma as they can,
while learning evenly because they can't earn charisma as kids.
Which is dumb.

Meanwhile, Amira is trying to polish off the spaghetti, again.

Wow, I really hope Amira is gonna get a chance to teach him something...


Well, I was waiting for the cheering, I guess I missed it.
But yaaay! No more diapers!

Did I mention, I looooove the toddler beds. They are the coolest thing ever,
although they are kinda funky looking when the kiddos get in and out.

Amira: "Hi Addy, that spaghetti was great!" Cuisine ++
Adair: "I believe it then."

Adair: "So, if you don't find your job, maybe we should have another baby."
Amira: ".....You're joking..."
Adair: "No way! I'm super good at this parenting thing apparently.
I just feel like I've raised several kids at once before.."

Amiras response: 'I am not having another baby, where is this job?!"

Spoiler- She doesn't find it...still. And, my rules are that there is supposed to only be one baby.
Sooo, she will probably be okay. I guess *sigh* vnv

But wait, what is that rythmic sound I hear where I'm taking a pic of Amira?
Oh, thank you Eafs. For continuing what Alabama started, and brightening my day.
Little sh-

With no chef job, Amira begrudgingly heads for her adventuring carpool.

Adair can not stop thinking about his son and their success.
I'm not sure if I got pictures of all of it, but, up the stairs, in the shower, down the stairs,

And now he can't even watch a werewolf flic without thinking about it.

Oh goody, the maid got his new outfit I sent him.


Well, I think this pic had a reason. Not sure. Adair was fetching the Bell boy though.

So he could actually use the high chair and give him more goody-delicious-chemicals milk.

I feel bad for Amira. She is a good mommeh, but I keep her preoccupied a lot.
Then she has this stupid job that she doesn't even want.

Uuuuhh, whose that?
Correction, what is that?
Madam, are you here to garden my rosebush, or steal my tv?

Amira, I'm happy you got your bod maxed, thank you phys glitch, but in the house?

Oh looks, a glowing toddler eating a crayon.
How cuuuute.

How about no.
Bearny: "PLZ make her put me down kthx."

Adair took Bell upstairs so he could use his potty, which is also orange!!!! :D

Then dropped into bed.

Cute 'lil copycat.

I'd had Adair make the rest of the smarts milk because he was plat,
so I stuffed it into Bells pockets and now he is preeeetty set to totally fend for himself.

What the- what is that?

DAAAWH it's a widdle skill bar in a widdle bubble!!
Lol, so I'd closed my game temporarily, and this was here like this upon coming back.

Ah yis, see? Amira had to go right back to work because, as I'd failed to mention,
she had brought home a promotion!! Thus the reason they had different outfits and all.

Whaaaaaat?? Darnit, it thought she at least got to teach Bell to talk.
Guess not. She'd gone to bed, totally bottomed out.

Adair: "This might take longer since you aren't glowing..."

Adair: "Say, 'I wanna glow!'"

Bell: "Daddy!!"
Adair: *gasp* "Yes, I'm daddy!!"

Done already? Pffsh, what were you worried about?

Ahh, there goes my skilled out gen B-aby.

Until Adair snatches him up, and Bell gains more influence to use when he's 15 years older.

Adair: "I know you're tired bud, but let's give you a bath so you can sleep all clean~"
Bell: *Yes father, I deeply appreciate your efforts to educate me properly*
Translates to mouth as- "Addy said 'talk' cause moddy wis at werks."
*Confound this small mouth of mine!!!*

Adair: "All right tyke, sleep gooood."
Bell: *And you as well, paternal man.*
"Dite Addy!!"
* .....*

Awh, he's so cute. I may or may not have named him after Bellamy Blake >.>
From The 100.
How could I not?

Adair: "I should teach him that when he's ready for college..."

Amira: *Finally, away from work long enough to sleep, shower, and feed my kid!*

I keep moving the activity table up and down stairs so he can just play wherever they leave him.
He has a toy box down here to, as I'm sure you've seen.
I don't think he knows about it yet.

Adair: "I think the way our media portrayed the latest Llama incidents was-"

Bell finishes one picture and moved to the other side to continue XD

And Amira sits down to do some crossword puzzles.

The spaghetti, is finally gone. *cheers inside*

Adair heads off to work just as the mail lady comes to pick it up, and Christy materializes.

Apparently Bell had been missing his mom, how sweeeet!! >w<

Glad to see you're tossing him for fun, not diaper explosions.

*le gasp* I didn't know they weren't already besties!!!

Even though he's so vicous looking, he looks so happy.

You. Heartless. Bastard.

*Ahem* I may or may not, have winded them down to only 8 simoleons.

A childs toys. I would have fired him but the option wasn't there.
He's gone tomorrow >x>

Good thing he didn't know about it I guess. He'd been taken upstairs so he could sleep.

Where I promptly changed his bed because he wouldn't stay sleeping in it :| Bummer.

That's all folks!! Hopefully next time, our Gen B Baby Bellamy will emerge into his childhood years!!

As always thank you for reading! Any questions, comments, or advice about my gameplay or mods I use is gladly received!
~ETU <3
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