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The L'ancien Alphabacy - Bonus Update 1: The Great Duck Migration

First and foremost, all of the thanks I possibly have to Sammy (sammyfrog), for all of her Sim Legacies,
and the joy and laughter they have brought me in this dispicably patchy time in my life. I have recently gone through a loss,
and it had the potential to ruin the rest of my life. You may or may not have caught what it was, but I don't
feel like delving into it at this particular moment in time.

Anyways, Sammy, the Ducklings have brought so much joy to my life, and I wanted to have them in my
Rainbow L'ancien Alphabacy Challenge neighborhood :D What a name lol. So, this update is relatively short,
and is a quick overview of moving the Ducklings in. For my readers, this is where I've been the last couple weeks XD

Also, hope it's obvious, spoilers :D

And here we begin with the Duckling Legacy Founders, Alan & Belinda. Stupid Eaxis outfits.
They do get some different syles done, I was a bit all over the place with downloading CC,
installing this family was one reason I did. I DID NOT have enough variety for adding
a family of some 40 members XD

I had originally intended for each house to be some what special I think, so at this particular
moment they were at a faux founder shack, boulders included. :D
I just thought it was cute that they were like, 'Oh yeah, I completely love you!'

Beau and Lela, aka Gen 2.
Mandy will not be included, just saved myself a wee bit of drama/trouble.

From Right to Left, Gen 3 Keely and Calla, and Gen 4 Keelys son Chadwick.

Left to right,
Gen 4 Karis and Kevin, Gen 3 Grace, and Gen 4 Megan and Jolie.

Gen 5
Left to right,
Apollo (YAAAY), Adonis and wife Vanessa, Aphrodite and husband Oscar.

Gen 6
Left to right,
Adessa, Bonnie and husband Corey, and April.

Gen 7 Left to right,
(good lord, all teh matching outfits, who is who?!)
Uh, Delilah, Shirley, Collan and wife Christy, and Harris.
(Ella is temporarily m.i.a.)

Gen 8
Sitting is Terran
Left to right,
Dimitri, Rigel, Ursa, Andromeda, and Polaris.

Sending Gen 8 upstairs to give them make overs and sort them out, and LOL THIS.

Rigel, I am not sure Andromeda is happy with how close you are...

Gen 8 Indus (left) and Lyra (right)

Gen 9
Left to right
Wolfgang, Oh there's Ella (gen7). Shupdunjudgemeh, Franz and Frederic

Left to right,
Gen 10 Halfrida and Julie, Gen 9 wife Chessie and heir Wynn, and 10 Elias.

Gen 4 husband of Karis, Yehudi, makes a late addition.
For the sake of eventually adding in other Ducks as they join the migration,
Karis will not be married to Yehudi nor Matthew.
But they will both be in as respective fathers to their kids.

I found a neat little section way off, almost off camera XD, to let the Ducks flock to.
Starting by the water tower and railroad tracks, house 1, then 2,
all the way around to house 8. Not including that teeny little temp lot.
When I get around to hating myself enough, I will be moving
the 20 odd some Dimwit family into the middle of this area.
(Ducklings on outer ring, Dims inside)

Ah, at last. We get to the sorted, tweaked, made-over and content Household group pics.
Lists will all be Left to right standing then sitting.
House 1, Alan, Belinda, Calla,
Keely and Chadwick.

There are some spouses that did not join the migration, for various reasons.
Namely Mandy, Zachariah, Caleb and Missy.

I struggled with Keely and Callas hairstyles, but found something I was content with.

House 2, Beau, Grace, Lela
Megan, zombie serial killer Kevin, and Jolie

Again, I struggle because I want to make the supernatural Ducks,
well, what they were, but I dunnooooo....

House 3 Karis, Apollo, Oscar and Aphrodite.

I couldn't bear to only have a chance of seeing Karis at night.

House 4, Adonis, Yehudi, Vanessa
April and Adessa

I think Yehudi came out a wee bit pale :/

This is what I meant by a Gen pic, you do this, but in a portrait to hang.
House 5,
Bonnie, Corey, Shirley, Harris, Delilah, and Ella.

I keep getting Shirley and Delilah mixed up D:

House 6, Andromeda, Collan, Christy, Ursa,
Dimitri, Rigel and his gorgeous face gah c'mere you, Polaris, and Terran.

So, in this hood, I just did more direct family lines.
These are all Collan and Christys kids. We just won't
question where the alien genes came from XD
At this point I was stretching for clothes too

House 7 Indus and Lyra,
Franz, Frederic, and Wolfgang.

Missy is not included, so Lyra is surrounded by her twin and his offspring XD

House 8 Wynn and Chessie,
Julie, Elias and Halfrida.

I thought Chessie/Chester was someones custom sim, turns out I'm just dumb XD

We pop over to The Keepers house, to tweak them with some of my new CC.
Only to find Gaurdian melting into the floor.

You haven't really had a good look at The Keeper yet have you?
But, here is his and Minders house. x3
Painting of Gaurdian included.

Thank you every one for reading! This was tedious, but worth it, and I couldn't/wouldn't have been able to do it without the sim blender, as well as all of the wonderful custom content out there for this beast of a game! Any questions about the mods or CC I use I will be happy to answer, I keep a very careful catalog of all my stuff. Sammy, I hope you leiks :3 Any tweaks in style you just neeeeed, let me know :P
~ETU <3
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