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The L'ancien Alphabacy - B.8: Dastardly Demotions & Prevailing Promotions (A Lot of Close Calls)

Heller, and Welcome back for another viewing of The Ancients.
I just, genuinely need to say, this update, while short,
(58 Pictures), just, freaking, killed me inside.
Also, you liking the new banner? :D
Alrighty, on with it then!!

Last time time:
Bellamy grew up into a handsome teen, Amira bonded with October,
Bell qualified for some scholoarships and then brought home Briar :D
They barely needed any help to crush on each other,
Briar was willing to shove it directly into her head.
Adair brought home Jolie Duckling from work, as well as a promotion.
Bellamy & Briar started going steady, then she took Jolies porkchops lulz.
Amira brought home Polaris Duckling, as well as her own promotion.
Briar skipped school in her undies, and Bells parents were totally
unaware a teen girl had been in their house in her undies for two days.
October first hissed, then decided she liked Briar,
who promptly stormed out to go home, and get into private school.

We find young Bell looking for a job. His LTW is to send 3 children to college,
but I just do not see that happening probably...

Hmmm. I wan't really looking for anything, but it seems like it'll work.
And he gets to start at level 2!!

Bell proceeds upstairs for homework.

Bellamy: "Ugh, I shouldn't have been passing notes to Briar during math,
I don't know this equation at all..."

Adair: "Yes sir I do spend most of my life practicing how to talk in front of my mirror.
It's because I do I could convince you to streak through a mall if I wanted."

Amira brings home another promotion, and another friend :D
If only I could stop spending their moneys, they would probably have the Estate by now vnv

It's Gen 7 Shirley Duckling :L

Amira: "Yeah I usually keep my hair like a dark red, but it's actually black.
It's been so long I'd almost forgotten."

Well, I'm glad you remembered, because until I saw the Eaxis hats, I did not XD

Bellamy rolled Knowledge as his secondary lifetime aspiration.
Which makes sense to me at least. Science turned out to be a wise career.

At level 8, Adair has also unlocked the Journalism reward.
Which is an award, that I believe does nothing.

Ah, a last plate shot. That, is a bad pork-chop to slop ratio.

Crafty little thing, I totally missed Briar dropping these off.
At least, I really hope it was her.

It just wouldn't be a L'ancien update if I didn't bore you with some new stuff lol.

Then, my screen just went white. I could not see a thing. And it were scary.
Pure terror for my game and computer struck, in the form of lightning right as I paused XD

Adair: "Alrighty kiddo, have a good day, I'm off to work, no wild parties!"
Bell: "Yeah dad. Because enough people at school like me enough to come over. HA."

He said with much sarcasm.

I then discovered the Tab option for the camera,
and used it on October dreaming about herself :D

Then turned off the stupid fade thing for overhead fixtures,
so now you can see all the pretty kitchen junk yaaaay :D
After all, Amira wants to be a cook.

Bell: "I can make my own chili for lunch, dun need nobody. AH MY FINGER!"

Amira: "Oh yah, arts and crafts and such. I like those things, you?"
Bell: "Suuuure. You feelin okay?"

It's Miiiiiiiindeeeeerrrrrr.....
Just, ignore him, and he won't come in...

WHOOOO, 1 more to go!!!!

Ah, so. The family spent most of the weekend skilling, and so were pretty
content to have a quiet dinner after everything I'd put them through. XD

Bell: "Good lord, what does this family eat?!"

Now you know how your mother feels lol.

*le gasp* Teh ceiling fans are actually fans!! Cooooool!!!!

I hate these freaking chance cards.

Yup. That stings a bit. She just cannot win for losing.
First her job didn't exist, now this.

Bell: "Gee mom. I hope I do better at this work thing than you've been doing."

Nice kid...

With a demotion, Amira had to turn right back to work. Poor thing.

Adair: "Now October, be reasonable. There's nothing to be gained by yowling."
October: "Okay hooman. If you say so."

So she started meowing quietly. Lulz

Awright! Another scholarship in the bag!!

Bell: "I am now an over acheiver! :D Whooo, is getting rained on?" :|

I have been trying to get Adair happy enough to use the thinking cap,
(never did though), so we went ahead and got the scholoarship for aspiration points.

Amira comes back with a 'promotion', to her original level.

Amira: "I just love that brand of paint! It practically glides onto the paper!"
Adair: "Wow it really does, I like this color the best I think."

I had plans, so work would have to wait. Adair needed skills anyways.
BUT REALLY?!! This is the second time EVER I have gotten this notification!
And he already said 'Wow you sure don't sound healthy blahblah.'
DEMOTED! With one level to go!!!
And yet, the carpool never came. And Adair did not get demoted.

Alll of teh snuggles and better tab camera zoom angle shup.

October: "Whatever you're making, I hope you know you're making it for me."

October: "As long as heeee doesn't get any. Who is that anyways?"



Ooooh pretty colors~
But I'm still mad >:[

I. I give up with this game. I quit.
SO, he DIDN'T get demoted. And yes,
I'm well aware he doesn't have long.

Really? Who knocked over the trash???


Amira: -500
Me: -10,000

Adair: "What's wrong Bell?"
Bell: "I think it's burned or something.."
Amira: "Well does it looked burned to you?! No...."

Amira: "Whose my pwetty widdle kitteh who wuvs me sho much?"
October: "Meeee, right, after, I get this finger..."

Amira was more than happy to feed her when she asked.

Bell crawls into bed with his mum, probably aware he'll be leaving home soon.
Amira seems more worried about others. Namely, herself.

Adair: "Have a good last day at school kiddo! I'll see you tonight for dinner!"
Bell: "Yeahp, try not to get demoted again!"

Once he got home, he invited Brair over for graduation dinner.
Bell then had to go to work, but Briar was able to... entertain herself while he was gone.

Andromeda Duckling, Gen 8, out for a stroll :D

Make that salmon mama!

Amira: "Gah, I just hope I don't burn Bells last home cooked meal..."

Me too...

Briar has already stuffed her face and resumed her evening program.

Bell: "Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to that Geometry lecture
they were talking about on the website. What about you Briar?"

OMFG. Adair got so fat, he can now block the camera to his son. -_-'

Amira, on the other hand, is fully fit. All the way. I don't even know how,
seeing as I just bought this upon the rebirth of Adairs pounds.

Bell has been having boredom breakdowns in front of Briar, so I gave him
the idea of actual interaction, called red-hands.

But, Briar runs off to pack nothing for college, so it's time to do the same for Bell.

As said earlier, Briar ended up bagging 4,000. Not sure how, but hey, it's whatever.

And so, off to college he goes!!
They just pop up so fast. Like dandelions. X'D


Next time: We begin the college years!
Bellamy and Briar will start down their road of life together,
and mayhaps some plans come to fruition?

Thank you everyone for reading as always, any questions, comments, or advice
about my mods or custom content I use, as well as my gameplay, I will be happy to adress.
~ETU <3
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